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Cat water bowl IZUMI was born from a collaboration between RINN and the ceramics maker with the longest history in the home of Otani ware, a style of pottery famous as a Tokushima specialty. Created under the direction of a veterinarian, the elevated design of IZUMI makes it easy for cats to drink, and turns drinking water into something they will look forward to in the course of their daily lives. Combining hand-picked local materials and a color produced by a specially-developed glaze with a simple, functional design, this beautiful bowl is sure to become a favorite and a source of comfort for your cat.


The Key to Good Health is Rehydration

Water intake is an important factor to keep a cat healthy. Kidney disease, bladder inflammation, and urinary stone are diseases that cats often get and are thought to be caused by low water intake. These diseases can be prevented by proper hydration.


A Beautiful Water Bowl for Your Cat, Fitting Your Lifestyle

The unique height of the bowl was designed under the supervision of a veterinary doctor to allow cats to drink in a relaxed posture. Porcelain clay known for high rigidity is used as a material, and high quality local ingredients such as red clay from Otani and blue stones from Awa have been carefully selected for this product. The balanced weight and good stability makes the bowl safe and secure without the worry of cats playing with it and toppling it over. Ceramics are resistant to water scales, and the large 350ml size makes the bowl secure and gives the cat plenty of water to drink. The authoritative research institution International Cat Care reports that the best suited material for cat dishes is ceramics according to research. Thus, using ceramics is a good choice for the taste buds of cats.

The bowls are slowly fired for four days and inspected for quality by craftsmen. Only those that qualify as RINN products will be placed in a special box and then shipped.


Rich in nature, Oasa-cho, Naruto, Tokushima is a town of beautiful and calm rural scenery. The area houses an “ascending kiln” over 100 years old for making earthenware at a slope that leads to a hill owned by a fifth generation pottery owner. IZUMI is created in such an environment where “genuine” products continue to be produced.

This cat bowl has been carefully crafted by the hands of many artisans. One’s beloved cat is an important member of the family, so we want to deliver a beautiful product that can be used comfortably. IZUMI brings a new relationship between the lifestyles of people and cats, and we believe this will further enrich your life.


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