July 13th, 2018

Lifestyle, Interior



Yuki Matsumura


Aya Nihei

Sara Moffat

Artist/Owner of L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts
with Jackson(Mix), Squeak(Mix), from Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Maybe it was their weight, or that they were 10 years old, but the two cats Sara lived with, Jackson and Squeak, were the laziest you’d ever see. Brother and sister, they were a mix of Maine Coon (a large breed) and fishing cat (a wild variety). While one would curl its body up and sink into the bedsheets, the other would splay its body out on the sofa, legs jutting out over the edge. Even when Sara tried tempting them with a toy, they would just lazily fiddle around with their front paws. But this is precisely why Sara and her partner Bryan, the production designer, always said the two were “such mellow, loving, and comforting companions.” Sara came across the two cats in Santa Fe, where she used to live. “A stray cat my mama used to feed got pregnant, and I took in the two kittens when they were born.” After that, Sara had to move to New York. She tried taking the cats with her on a plane, but she was refused because the cats, at over 20 pounds (about 9 kilograms), were too heavy. So, she said, she drove for three days to New York in order to take them with her. A road trip with heaps of luggage and two huge cats. What a charming little story.