An intuitive and clear-cut operation

The timer and feeding settings requires zero effort,
and can be done by just the turn and press of a dial.

Convenient for moving and carrying around

Its portability makes it effortless to carry it around,
with the handle that fits your hand perfectly.

It is battery operated--no worries even in the event of power outage

A power cord is not required; therefore you won’t have to worry about pets biting cords,
and you can place the feeder anywhere you want.

A cozy addition to your home

A simple and minimal design that will blend in
with any home interior design.

Maximum 1000g dry food stocker

You can store 1kg of dry food just as it is.
The feeder is designed to prevent the escape of smells too.

Set up to 1~4 feedings per day

You can control the total amount of feeds per day, which is convenient for pet obesity prevention.
The amount of food distributed is set in 5g units, so you can set the appropriate amount without overfeeding your pet.