Q & A


Q.Is the feeder OK to use for middle-sized dogs?
A.PETLY is an automatic pet feeder designed for small dogs and cats.
Q.Is it made only for dry food?
A.Yes. PETLY is for dry food only.
Q.What kind of dry food can I use?
A.Pet food with large pellets or peculiar shapes can get stuck in the feeder, and therefore cannot be used. We recommend small to medium dry food pellets that are less than 15mm in diameter.
Q.About how long does the battery last?
A.For general usage, the battery lasts for approx. 6 months.
Near the end of the battery life, the LED ring will shine red.
(When changing the batteries, always replace with 4 new batteries. Also, please use alkaline batteries in this product.)
Q.How long will the battery last after the LED ring shines red?
A.For approx. one week, but you should change the batteries as soon as the ring flashes red.
Q.Can I use rechargeable batteries?
A.No. The voltage of rechargeable batteries is too low to be used in this product.
Q.What is the lowest possible serving amount in one feeding?
A.About 5g. Occasionally, the amount of food released varies depending on shape and pellet size. Please measure your pet food of choice and run it through a test feeding before use.
Q.Will the feeder release food as long as there is food in the tank?
A.As long as the feeding times are set (up to 4 times in one day), the feeder will automatically release food every 24 hours.
Q.Can I feed my pet outside of the set feeding times?
A.You can manually feed your pets regardless of the times set for feedings.
Q.Can I run the feeder only when I want to use it?
A.There is a power button on the machine, so you can turn on the feeder when you need to leave the house suddenly. The settings will be saved, so all you need to do is reset the clock for quick use.
Q.Does this product have a warranty?
A.This product has a one-year warranty valid from the purchase date.
Q.What do I do when I think the feeder is not working properly or broken?
A.Please troubleshoot the problem based on the instructions written in the provided manual. If there is no improvement, please contact RINN Customer Support.